Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Catching up...what we've been up to!

It seems almost impossible to blog these days, even though I do enjoy it! I have been reminded a couple of times this week, that some of you still like to read our happenings, which kind of surprises me, because we are pretty boring people, but at the same time I am honored that many of you still follow us.

Where to begin.... well we will start with Tessa since many of you have asked how she is doing at college. Basically, in a nutshell, SHE LOVES IT...EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Although, she misses her mother terrible! lol, She just has to be, surely, right? She has done so well, and I'm so proud of her. She has met many new friends, her classes are going well, and she misses her mother. Oh, did I already mention that? She has become active in a church there, well, actually just down the road in Grand Prarie. This weekend and the next, she is helping the church do a play (I guess you call it a play.?), called Judgement House. She said it is the most awesome thing ever. There are eight scenes, and like four main characters, where some get to go to Heaven and some, unfortunately go to Hell. She said that the church has done this for the past two years, and over 500 people have been saved. She said it is so realistic, even though there's no way it could even compare to the real Heaven or Hell. She plays a part where she is in hell. Treagan and I are going to get to go up this weekend and we will go see it. Tessa is still hoping and looking for a job. She had another interview this week at a different daycare, and it sounds real promising. It would be perfect with great hours of like 2:00 to 6:30, Mon. thru Fri. Ideal! So we are praying. She has became active in some different activities, for instant, cheering for the basketball team. For those of you that know Tessa, and how she has NEVER wanted any part of that sort of thing, is probably as shocked as I was when she told me. I might be because there is a hot guy on the b-ball team that catches her attention? Let's not tell her Daddy that, ok? ;) Keep praying for Tess, and pray for us. We sure do miss her. Her brothers are still lost without her!

How about Treagan? He is having a great year thus far as a "fish". His grades are rocking, and hopefully they will continue to! He is loving band, and keeps us so busy with that. This coming Sat., we go to our first competition. If we advance, then next Sat. we go to Lubbock, then from there, STATE.... We are thinking positive and the band is looking good! They have worked hard. In the past, Sundown has been our toughest competition. We play them on Fri. night, so we will get a sneak preview of their band, and they will get one of ours. They are probably already shaking! Good Luck, Treagan Blake! You've got the beat! You make me so proud!

As for Toryn, a.k.a. Torynado. Would someone tell me where this kid gets his energy? Why won't he share some, cuz I'm lacking! I cannot believe this precious child has been with us ten months. In no time, we will be celebrating our first GOTCHA day anniversary. He continues to brighten our days, and brings so much joy our way. He has been going to Mother's Day Out two days a week. He really enjoys it, after he finally lets Dad or I out of the choke hold when we first take him. He is beginning to not do that every morning, so that helps. He loves being with the other kids, and it helps me to be able to do some housework. I cannot get ANYTHING done when he is at home. I'd rather be playing! Toryn is really enjoying watching the band. He is constantly "marching" around the house and "beating" on everything in the house. ("beating" translated to: beating the sap out of everything.) A couple of days ago, he decided he wasn't a drummer anymore, he was the director. He found two straws and used them as his directing batons. It was too cute. Praise the Lord, we finally found a wonderful speech therapist, and we started speech last week. Thus far, it is going great! Maybe things will progress soon. He talks all the time, but according to the speech therapist, we are pretty much the only ones that can understand him. Well, geeze!

Well, thanks for "stopping by", and again, I promise to try to post more often. Happy Fall, Ya'll!

P.S. We are getting real close to moving into our new church building soon. It is so amazing, and beautiful. God is so good. Food for thought: I was asked yesterday by one of my patients, why didn't the church just give all the money that it cost to build that big, pretty building, to the homeless and poor. Here's my thinking- Trinity Baptist Church consistently gives to many, many, many, and because they do, I believe God is blessing them. And you better believe...they won't stop giving. I happen to know one little sweetie pie they helped come home to his family. We are hoping to be in by Nov., so please come join us if you need a church home. God bless!

My drummer boy! (Toryn thinks Treagan's drum needs a bath. I think I agree. It was raining this night.)

"Is this how I direct, Mr. Rhodes?"

Termite and I had the opportunity to go to a Couple's retreat with our church. It was really good. It was held at the camp in Leuders, Tx. Everyone got shirts that said, "I love my wife" and "I love my husband". Termite took his off as soon as we hit the front door.....should I take it personally? LOL

Our group that went to the retreat.

Toryn in one of his fav toys. Thanks for the "Lump-ruck", John and Laura.

Toryn with some of his classmates at Mother's Day Out.

Picking out a prize for being a good boy all day!