Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Toryn!

Today is Toryn's 3rd Birthday! We are so glad he is home with us for this birthday. On Sat., we will have a little birthday party and cake, but today he had a candle with his pancake!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I still think sister is pretty cool!

I am way cool in these shades!

Being at home, getting lots of attentions is a-ok!

Eating this delicious American food wears a little guy out!

Having visitors since I've been home is so much fun! Blake and Micaela came to see me! Congratulations are in order for them- they got engaged while we were in China! Yeah!

I decided my brother is a great buddy!

I'm cute and I know it!

I've also decided that my daddy is the best!

Our family waited for us to get home to have Christmas. Toryn wasn't sure about gifts at first, but he soon got the hang of it!

Treagan and CJ show him how to open gifts. At first he didn't like them taking the tissue paper out of the bag. He likes things nice and neat. Oh, boy, he will go crazy when we get to our house.

Decked out in his Texas Tech shirt and hat that his Aunt Kim, Uncle Tim, and cousins gave him. Go Raiders!

When I don't get my way, this is what I do, but I'm learning it doesn't do any good!

Toryn with all of his new cousins (with sister and brother). We are all about to watch the Cotton Bowl.


THERE IS DEFINITELY NO PLACE LIKE HOME! (Or almost home, anyway.) After about twenty LLLLOOOONNNGGG hours of traveling, we did finally make it home to Big Spring, TEXAS! Unfortunately, we are still not in our house due to the kitchen fire. Hopefully soon insurance will cooperate! You know how that goes! But it sure was good to get back to Texas soil! There's no place like America! We are so blessed here in America.

I am so sorry I have not updated the blog till now. Since we have not been at our house, it has been hard to get on the computer. Please keep following, as I do plan on keeping up with the blog now that we are home and the real adventure begins!

We are in awe at how well Toryn traveled. It was such a long flight, but he did awesome! From China to San Francisco, he only slept for about 45 minutes of the 12 hour flight. He only had two to three crying spells and the rest of the time he played there in his seat. What an angel! It was definitely a result of your prayers! Thanks! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of you wonderful family and friends who met us at the airport to welcome us home! There was about forty people there, and it was a wonderful welcome home. It was SO wonderful to be greeted by all of you! We needed you there, because we were so homesick. You made our day!

I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing Toryn is to us! Everyday is just that much more sweet. He is a little doll! Don't get me wrong though. He can throw a really good tantrum when he doesn't get his way. We are also learning to share. He is so smart! I know what you're thinking!!!! Yes, every mother thinks their child is the smartest, but I'm not kidding! LOL He is very particular. He hates crumbs, or a mess. He loves to fold clothes and he does a mighty fine job at it! (I'm so glad, because this is my least favorite chore!) Also, the other day, I was washing dishes and he brought me all the empty cups from the table. Then he went to his highchair and took his bowl of cream of wheat to the trashcan, scrapped it out, then brought it to me to wash. My teenagers never do that! I remind you he's only two, almost three. He is so much fun. It's hard to imagine life before him. Our God is so good! Again, I'm just so thankful that He chose us to parent this precious little gift from above! He has adjusted every well, and seems to enjoy our many outings, like the kids basketball games.

Well, I'm going to have to cut it short..... the prince has called.....needs Mommy time and I love that!
More soon,

Toryn Ling Kendrick~~~~~~is now an American citizen!

"Hurry up and get me home!"