Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures to share....

OH, NO, our first boo-boo! Toryn fell last night and hit the edge of the fireplace. Luckily, it didn't need stitches. We were suppose to have his picture taken today, but guess we will wait till next week! Those of you that know me, know that it is killing me that we haven't had his pictures done yet! Oh, well, whenever we have them done, they will be adorable!

My, what BIG mouths my children have!

Here's a little (or alot) of "tude" for ya!

Oh, how I miss basketball already, now that it's over for the year. I think we have a lot to teach Toryn about playing. This is what he wants to do with the basketball! LOL

One of those precious smiles that makes my heart sing!

This boy still loves his baths!

I just woke my daddy up from his nap by tickling him.

Yep, I'm probably up to something!!!!!

Mom's handsome boys!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Forsan Lady Buffaloes- District Champs! Good Luck tonight in your playoff game against Tahoka!

The seniors: Tori, Faith, Charlene, Shelby, and Tessa

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look Ma, no cavities!

Last Thursday, we had a doctor's appointment with the surgeon and the team that will take care of repairing Toryn's cleft palate. We were very impressed with the doctor and feel like God definitely led us to the right place for Toryn to receive the best care. Toryn's first appointment was with a dentist and I am very proud to say that he has no cavities! Yep, that made my day! He did so good, he just climbed up in the dental chair and opened wide. Made me so proud! His teeth are in excellent shape! That's my boy!

We then saw the surgeon, Dr. Genecov, who will do his palate repair. He was wonderful and was so good with Toryn. I was wanting to schedule surgery in the summer, but the doctor really wants to do it ASAP. He said the sooner we get that palate in there, the better for Toryn's speech. Since he is learning English so fast, with his palate in there, he will learn it the correct way first. That does make sense, so I guess sooner is better. We will go to Dallas on March 17th for pre-op and his surgery will be March 19th. PLEASE pray for Toryn, as this is not going to be an easy recovery. He will be on a diet of nothing but baby food consistency foods and his arms will be restrained so that he will not interfere with the healing process by touching it, etc. for two weeks. Pray for Termite and I also. Keeping a very active three year old down for two plus weeks will definitely be a challenge. I know God will be in control of this, too. I guess it will be better to get this behind us!

Friday, February 13, 2009

One of my favorite hobbies....coming to an end.

One of my very favorite hobbies is quickly coming to an end. (big crocodile tears!) I love, absolutely love watching my kids play basketball. I could sit there all day watching them. I can't believe Tessa is a senior. You are going to get real tired of me talking about this huge milestone in our lives. I don't want her to be a senior. Instead, I would love to be taking her back to kindergarten, but I must face reality. boo hooo hooo
Now, remember, as a mom, I have bragging rights. Tessa is a little stick of dynamite. Because of her petite (and adorable, I might add!) size, one's first impression would soon be changed by her ability to play ball. This girl is mean! She is all over that court. She has a heart for the game. She is a determined, hard working, and dedicated player. She could have easily given up, but she didn't. I know she must have been frustrated at times, when she wasn't given as much playing time, but instead she sat there, supporting her team, always giving 101%. Now that makes a real winner!
Their team has done an excellent job this year. They have won district and will head to the playoffs next week. GOOD LUCK LADY BUFFS AND COACH HILLGER!
And Tessa.... as your brother, Treagan, would say, "Go get 'em, Tiger!"!
I am so proud of you and your hard work!

#12 ROCKS!

Tessa sang the National Anthem for the game last Tues. night.

Tuesday night, before the game, the senior girls were recognized.

Adam & Eve.....

Friday, February 6, 2009


I couldn't just post one picture, they both are so adorable, so you get two today for Favorite Photo Friday!

You just can't "beat" chocolate brownie mix!

That smile just melts my heart!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday To My Girl!

Ok, now, everyone that knows me, knows that I am always weepy, crying at a drop of a hat! Yesterday was no different! Man, where does time go? My little princess turned 18 yesterday! It's just wrong!!!! It can't was just yesterday that we were welcoming the princess into the world! It was just yesterday that I took her to kindergarten with that ear to ear smile! It was just yesterday that her daddy took her to junior high and walked her in everyday for the first semester. It was just yesterday that we surprised her with her first car for her 16th. And now, yesterday, Feb. 3rd, our little princess became an adult. In just a few short months, she will be headed down the interstate to college. Man, I need prayer! Can I really do this? Can I really be old enough to have an eighteen year old. Reality: Obviously, so! I have to admit though, it has been a real joy and blessing watching the Lord mold her into a precious young lady! Ms. Tessa, Daddy and I are so proud of you for the life and example you are! You have made such wise decisions and you have stood firm in your belief and I really can't wait to see God use you in mighty ways. He has an awesome plan for you, I just know it! Continue to follow His will, and you will be blessed beyond measure! I love you, Princess! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

As I mentioned in the previous post, we feel so blessed to have Toryn home for his birthday! His birthday was Fri., but we had a party last night. He had a great time and loved his cake! We praise God for this little bundle of joy! I cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful blessing he is! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, MY LITTLE ASIAN SENSATION!

My friend, Debbie, made this adorable panda cake! Thank you so much, Deb!

Hurry up with the song and pictures Mom. I'm ready for this yummy cake!

Ok, Aunt Cristi- you don't follow instructions very well. We said "no gifts", but since you did, I think Toryn loves the scooter! Thumbs up!

Birthday sugars from Granma Helen!

Tessa and Payton

Taylor and Aunt Cristi

Oh, boy, what's in the bag? A fun book from Granma Helen.

Payton helps Toryn ride his scooter.

This cake is way too yummy! My first birthday cake! Thanks, Deb.

Blowing out my candles. It looks like his thumbs on fire in this picture, but I assure you that it's not!

Treagan, Granma Helen, Payton, and her friend.

Tessa is reminding Grandma Wilma that her birthday is Tuesday. (Like she didn't remember!)

CJ's turn to push Toryn on his scooter!

"My mom knows how to throw a party, let me tell you!"