Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures to share....

OH, NO, our first boo-boo! Toryn fell last night and hit the edge of the fireplace. Luckily, it didn't need stitches. We were suppose to have his picture taken today, but guess we will wait till next week! Those of you that know me, know that it is killing me that we haven't had his pictures done yet! Oh, well, whenever we have them done, they will be adorable!

My, what BIG mouths my children have!

Here's a little (or alot) of "tude" for ya!

Oh, how I miss basketball already, now that it's over for the year. I think we have a lot to teach Toryn about playing. This is what he wants to do with the basketball! LOL

One of those precious smiles that makes my heart sing!

This boy still loves his baths!

I just woke my daddy up from his nap by tickling him.

Yep, I'm probably up to something!!!!!

Mom's handsome boys!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Poor Toryn. Somehow I don't think it slowed him down much.

I LOVE the pictures!! Especially the "tude"! He is such a cutie!

Love y'all!