Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life's A Zoo.....

It's Spring Break! YIPPEEEE!!! Don't have a lot planned, which is great! We did go to the Abilene Zoo yesterday. It was fun, and exciting seeing Toryn get so excited to see the different animals. Our main goal for this week is to get back in our house. That's a must! Toryn's palate repair surgery is next week, and I really feel like we need to be in our home when we return. We should be, they are painting and working on the flooring tomorrow, then they will come and clean later in the week. (the smoke damage) Please pray that they will be done, so we can move back home this weekend.
Enjoy our crazy zoo pictures! Life in our family is a zoo!

Hopefully this big gorilla won't get out of his cage!

We also went to the Frontier Texas museum. It was a pretty neat museum. I had never been. The kids played on this stagecoach. Toryn didn't want to get off of it!

What a pretty kitty!

Tessa, Hannah, and Toryn on the stagecoach.

There's that smile I just love! Happens all the time and I still melt when I see it.

Help! These animals escaped their cages!


Sharon said...

GREAT pictures....oh top wear shorts outside....we are in our 3rd blizzard here. Kids got out this morning and it's questionable if they will have school tomorrow. i am SO tired of cold weather and snow. It is going to be minus 6 tonight!! Have a great week. i want updates on Toryn next week. Wish I could visit in the hospital....

Lisa said...

What a great spring break trip. You all look like you are having a a blast! We'll have to check out the museum next time we go to the zoo. It looks like fun.

I got such a kick out of Termits t-shirt...Allie is a M.A.S.H. fan too!

So glad to hear you will be back in your home soon. I'll be praying it all goes well and you are totally settled before surgery. Lots of prayers for that too of coarse!

charlotte said...

I have never been to the Abilene zoo. I loved your pictures. I need to go sometime. Good trip this summer. I can't wait until Toryn has his surgery and is on the mend. He is my little man. If I can help please let me know.I know it is going to be tough, but think of the results. I am reminded of the scripture in II Cornithians 5:17 Behold all things are made new. Be thinking about ya'll and praying for ya'll.