Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are home

The doctor released us about 9:00 am on Friday morning. Can't believe we actually went home after such a short stay, but they said Toryn was doing so well. I was really nervous about the doctor being so far away from home, but I guess the doctor knows best. The ride home went ok for the most part, he slept most of the way. (Again, thank the Lord for pain meds that the nurses gave him.) The biggest challenge is the eating issue. He wants everything we want, but he can only have food blended in the blender. The dietician told us that we could pretty much purify anything including pizza. YUCK!! That sounds so disgusting! We have started eating in hiding, so he can't see us. I feel so sorry for him. Please pray that these next two weeks will go fast. A good thing is that we didn't have to use the arm restraints. We will have to put them on if he starts to try to touch his lip and palate, but so far so good. We will just watch him like a hawk. I had planned on doing nothing but holding him and loving on him for these next two weeks. Man, you know I'm gonna hate that! NOT!!!!
Well, you know me... I take pictures of everything! Yes, I have before surgery pics and after surgery pics. My mom said she couldn't believe I didn't sneak in the OR room and take pics of the actual surgery! I couldn't find a way to sneak in there! LOL!!

At our pre-op appt. on Tuesday, they gave us some items to play with to help prepare him for surgery. His stuffed Tigger and Mickey Mouse had numerous surgeries that day!

Dr. Toryn Ling Kendrick, M.D. for all your medical needs! (Have I mentioned I love those precious almond shaped eyes?!!)

Mom trying to get Toryn's hospital gown on. The key word here is "trying". He was just fine in his own comfy pj's!

Can you tell that the "goofy juice" is starting to kick in?

He is showing you his muscles! (Poor little guy, I think that will be a while for muscles on his skinny little self!)

Good grief! The things we do for our kids! When the nurse told me to get up in the bed with Toryn, I said, "You want me to do WHAT? You're kidding right?". As you see, she wasn't kidding!

"You are getting SSLLEEPPYY!".....

He just wanted to be held after surgery. You can see who fought me for his turn!

Corbin, he loves his Mickey Mouse that you brought him from Disney World! He loves you, too!

Dr. Genecov was very proud of how well surgery went! We are so thankful that it was successful! He also said he was VERY impressed with how beautiful his lip looks. (I'm sure he's right once the swelling and stitches are gone.) Thank you, Lord, for sending Dr. Genecov our way! The kids were mad that they had his had all taped up, but after I explained that it was to hold the IV in so he couldn't pull it out, they understood.

The next morning....not smiling much, but being such a brave boy!

Toryn's trying to keep his daddy in line!

"I'm ready to get out of here and go home!"


Sharon said...

Looks great!! Oh those pictures bring back those memories....SO glad he doesn't have to wear the restraints. Hudson got so tired of the food too and we also hid when we ate...we ate in shifts. I found he loved mashed potatoes and grave. I would put LOTS of gravy on so it was real, it helped fatten him up!!!
Glad your home!

Lisa said...

I'm so thrilled to know you are home and that all went well...PTL!!! No arm restraints, yeah...they look miserable!But Toryn looks great! It will all be a memory very soon.

Em and I would love to come visit soon.

I can't believe you don't want to drink pizza... sounds yummy! :0)