Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today was not only Valentine's Day, but it was also Chinese New Year! We celebrated by attending church, then we met the Lansford's for lunch. Of course, it was only appropriate to eat Chinese food, so we went to China Dragon. It was alot of fun and we had a really nice time. Lisa thought of everything! Since 2010 is the year of the tiger, they gave Toryn & KayLi a stuffed tiger. We all decided we would wear red, since that seemed appropriate, too. This morning before church, when I dressed Toryn in his red vest and tie, he was so proud. He kept telling me, "Look, Mom, I so pretty!". Happy Chinese New Year to our little Chinese Dumplings!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom's Bragging Rights!

So proud of Treagan! His ensemble made a Division I at Solo & Ensemble Contest yesterday at Monahans. They played "The Entertainer". They were awesome! Forsan took 52 high school kids, came home with 77 medals, and 100% made Division I ratings! Does that say anything about our amazing band directors and kids? Congratulations Mr. Rhodes, Ms. Hoelscher, and kiddos! You all make us so proud! Congrats, Treagan Blake! This is one proud Mama!

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, Tessa Jordan!

We also celebrated Tessa's 19th Birthday this weekend. I can't even believe my girl is that old! Can't possibly be so! So glad she got to come home this weekend for her birthday. Everyone tells me that it does get easier when they leave to go back to college, but it hasn't happened yet! I still bawl like a baby when her little red car drives off. I hate it, but it has to happen. I always look forward to the next time she gets to come home. Happy Birthday, Coconut! I love you so!
FYI: I finally posted some Christmas pictures, but for some reason, they posted after my thank you note from Toryn, so scroll down a little bit.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Toryn turned four on Sat., Jan. 30th, but we didn't have a party until this past weekend, because Tessa was home from college. We just had a party here at the house with hotdogs, cake, and good friends and family.
When we asked Toryn what kind of birthday party theme he wanted, he immediately said "John Wayne Birthday Party". Toryn loves John Wayne movies and to play 'John Wayne'. Not hard to believe, since his daddy loves John Wayne. How many four year olds do you know that chooses John Wayne over cartoons. Go figure! Of course, Termite calls him "Chon Wayne". Seems appropriate! LOL
When we asked him what he wanted on his cake, he said that he wanted John Wayne's guns. Thanks to his talented Aunt Kim, she hooked him up with the cutest cake ever, and yep, it had John Wayne's guns! Thanks, Aunt Kim.
Friends and family who came: Dad, Mom, Tessa, (Treagan was at his Solo & Ensemble competition and brought home a division I!!!) Grandma Wilma, Grandma Helen, Aunt Kim & Travis, the Berber's (Hannah's family), Aunt Cristi & Payton, The Lansford's, Vickie & Emily, Darla, Amber, Dominic & KimberLyn

Happy Birthday, my handsome cowboy! I love you!

Aunt Kim did great! The cake was perfect!

"I wish for......". (Spare the slobber, John Wayne!)

Sharing my special day with two pretty girls! Life is good for this four year old!

Birthday sugars from Aunt Darla.

Traci and Darla

Traci and Payton

This cool portable Mickey Mouse Matchbox pop up toy is from KayLi and her family.

Toryn is thanking his "Momo Helen" for the cool Lightning McQueen sound book.

Opening his present from Uncle "Noodle", Aunt Kim, and boys. They gave him three Dr. Suess books. I love to read!

Emily and Vickie gave me a very handsome outfit that mom cannot wait to put on me!!! They also gave me a new Veggie Tales movie.

Yeah, more cars!!!! My favorite toys!!!

We were so excited that Emily came to share our special day. Emily justed turned five.

Sweet KayLi came with her sister and mom. Bless her heart, she fell last night and has a huge boo-boo on her eye.

So glad that KayLi brought her big sister, Emily, too!

Tessa's friend Hannah and her family came also! (Hardy, Hannah, & Tessa)

Cute Story

Kids do say the darnest things:

Grandma Wilma: "Who's birthday is coming up?"
Toryn: "Toryn's"
Grandma: "How old will you be?"
Toryn: "Fo" (four)
Grandma: "How many fingers is that?"
Toryn (in a puzzled look): "Fo"

Ok, maybe it's not as funny written as it was when it happened. It was hilarious though, as if he was saying, "well, duh, many do you think it is!"