Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look Ma, no cavities!

Last Thursday, we had a doctor's appointment with the surgeon and the team that will take care of repairing Toryn's cleft palate. We were very impressed with the doctor and feel like God definitely led us to the right place for Toryn to receive the best care. Toryn's first appointment was with a dentist and I am very proud to say that he has no cavities! Yep, that made my day! He did so good, he just climbed up in the dental chair and opened wide. Made me so proud! His teeth are in excellent shape! That's my boy!

We then saw the surgeon, Dr. Genecov, who will do his palate repair. He was wonderful and was so good with Toryn. I was wanting to schedule surgery in the summer, but the doctor really wants to do it ASAP. He said the sooner we get that palate in there, the better for Toryn's speech. Since he is learning English so fast, with his palate in there, he will learn it the correct way first. That does make sense, so I guess sooner is better. We will go to Dallas on March 17th for pre-op and his surgery will be March 19th. PLEASE pray for Toryn, as this is not going to be an easy recovery. He will be on a diet of nothing but baby food consistency foods and his arms will be restrained so that he will not interfere with the healing process by touching it, etc. for two weeks. Pray for Termite and I also. Keeping a very active three year old down for two plus weeks will definitely be a challenge. I know God will be in control of this, too. I guess it will be better to get this behind us!

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Lisa said...

I know that the thought of all this is awful but it will be a memory soon. I'm so praying for you guys!