Thursday, May 7, 2009


It's the little things in life.....that we take for granted. Like sucking through a straw. How simple is that? Easy for most, but can be a challenge for some. Those of you with cleft children know exactly what I'm talking about. You see, Toryn couldn't suck through a straw with his cleft palate. Bless his little heart, he would see Tessa and Treagan using a straw, and of course since he does EVERYTHING they do, he had to have one, too. He would try so hard to use it, and he just couldn't. He would get so frustrated, so finally I wouldn't let them use one in front of him. This week, we gave him a straw to try since he's had his palate repaired. It was the cutest thing. He would use his whole body to try, but he finally figured it out. The look on his face, when the substance entered his mouth through the straw was priceless. His eyes got big and his precious smile lit up his whole face. Job accomplished! Another milestone! Another HUGE thank you, Lord, for his successful surgery! Don't forget to thank God for the little things! To some, they might not be so little!
Have a blessed day!

"I think I can, I think I can!"

"I can! I can!"

"It still is easier to take the lid off, but with practice, I'll get better!"

"I'll get the hang of this! I'm already pretty proud of myself!"


Lisa said...

I'm praising God with tear filled eyes!!! What a HUGE accomplishment!!!

Ummm...I still want video of the way he used his "whole body" though!!!!

priscilla said...

How cute Praise God we can fix so many thing. And praise him for the little things too

Sharon said...

Hudson finally accomplished that this winter....Love the Friday photo picture!