Saturday, March 27, 2010

~Introducing Anslee Dawn~

I want to show off my beautiful, new great niece......introducing Anslee Dawn Burris! Isn't she just precious! Yep, I knew you'd agree! She was born on March 1, 2010. She belongs to our niece, Christin, and her husband, Cody! I'm thinking......hmmmm, if she's my great niece........that makes me a GREAT AUNT!!!! Love it!

She's so perfect! Thank you, Lord!

I'm thinking she's dreaming about her Great Aunt Traci!

Tessa is one Great cousin.....why is it we call them "great aunt" or "great niece", etc., but a cousin is called a "second cousin"? Anyways, she's a great one whatever it's called! lol

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Lisa said...

So precious and so Kendrick! This little one looks just like her Great Uncles side of the family!!!!