Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quilt Ministry- how awesome!

My lifelong, dear friend, Angela, is such a HUGE blessing. Her church in Andrews has one of the neatest ministries. They have a quilt ministry. They have a lady there that makes BEAUTIFUL quilts, that she calls prayer quilts. After she makes the quilts, she leaves the strings untied. Then they leave the quilt in their prayer room at the church. As people feel lead, they come in and say a prayer for the person receiving the quilt. After they say their prayer, they tie a knot in a string for each prayer they said for the person. In this case, Angela had asked me for some specific prayers for Toryn. I gave her a list of specific prayers for him. He was prayed for many times (and still is). Angela brought me the quilt yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful and it will always be a treasured gift. I know as Toryn wraps up in it, he will know that he was covered in many prayers. Angela, I love you more than you will ever know. You and your family have done WAY too much! I will ask God again to richly bless you and your family. He has truly blessed me with your friendship. You will never know this side of Heaven just how cherished you are to me, because words are not adequate! I love you, girl! Bless you!

Notice the little chinese boy on the end! Perfect material!

Angela & I


Lisa said...

How awesome is that! God had the perfect quilt in mind for Toryn! It's gorgeous. What a sweet ministry! I can't wait for the pictures of him wrapped up in it!

Sharon said...

TA today????