Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting.....

We continue to wait on our Travel Approval. It should come any moment, so everytime the phone rings, my heart stops. The group waiting before us, received theirs last week, and they travel Dec. 4th. So that means if our TA comes early next week, we could possible travel around the 18th of Dec., which would be perfect timing. Of course, when God is in control, His timing is ALWAYS perfect.

I have to say that the talent show was a big hit! I am so proud of ALL the kids that performed. They were absolutely amazing! It was so much fun! We are hoping that the school will continue to have one every year. It was a huge blessing, and I can't stop watching our video of it. It was so good! Way to go, kids!

During this crazy time, I am trying real hard to not get too overwhelmed. I was feeling nervous and overwhelmed some this week. I think the reality is setting in. In all of the normal craziness of this time of year, we attend three basketball games per week, work, fighting colds, homework, etc. and on top of all that, trying to plan a trip clear across the other side of the world. I am trying so hard to keep trusting God, for I know with all of my heart, that He will continue to provide everything we need. As I was feeling a little down, my friend Lisa (who is also waiting for her sweet one from China) reminded me of these things (and how true they are!):
*God loves Toryn more than you do and will handle everything you over look.
*Satan might be fighting but we have the ultimate weapon.
*There are lots of people who love you and are willing to help you...don't be afraid to ask.
*All the craziness will fade when you hold Toryn in your arms.
*You can be confident that He who began a work in you will see it through.
*God is always on time. He's never early and never late.
*God will supply your every need according to His riches in glory! (Phil 4:19)
* Your family is VERY prayed for. (thank you so much!)
*God has just began to be glorified in you!!!

Thank you, Lisa, for the reminder! I needed that!

As you and your families join for Thanksgiving, we hope you have a very blessed time together!
Happy Thanksgiving,


Lisa said...

Aaawwww! Thanks for posting part of the list. I feel so special!!!

Grandma Wilma said...

I can't wait!
Love Grandma Wilma