Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...And their off!

We are so excited! Our friends, The Landsfords, are leaving today for CHINA! They will be picking up their precious little girl, KayLi. God is so awesome. The Landsfords moved to Forsan about 2 years ago, and they had been in the adoption process a little longer than we have. It's so amazing and fun at how God places people in your life with such a connection. Who would have thought that in little bitty Forsan, Texas, there would end up being at least three families who have adopted from China. God is so good! This sweet family is just precious and they have become some of our dear friends. Thank you, Lord, for sending the Landsfords to us! I know they would appreciate your prayers as they travel and recieve KayLi. If you would like to follow their journey, they have a blog:

Precious KayLi- isn't she just a doll? She is two, will be three about a month after they return home from China, just like Toryn was.

The Landsford's- guys we are praying hard for you! Have fun, be safe, don't eat really gross things, take tons of pictures, and blog often! Blessings!

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Lisa said...

OK I am waaaayyyyy too tired and emotional for you to post such sweet things about our goofy family!

I really appreciate, your friendship and prayers throughout this journey. Hopefully Allie will behave and we won't need the medicine you brought over...yeah right!

Love Ya, Lisa