Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another precious little one came home...

God gave another little child a forever family and for that, we give Him all the praise that He so righteously deserves! The Lansford's arrived home tonight from China with their sweet baby girl, KayLi. We had the priviledge of being at the airport in Midland when they arrived! As I entered the airport, it brought back such sweet memories. It seems like just yesterday that we arrived home to a wonderful homecoming with our little asian sensation, but it has been seven months already. In Miss KayLi walked just like she owned the place and she just walked up to everyone present and gave them a hug like she had known us all her whole little life. She is adorable! We are so blessed to have this sweet family as our fairly new friends. Again, it is so amazing at how God brings people into your life that you share such a sweet, cherished connection with. Welcome Home, Lansfords! You were truly missed! Welcome Home, KayLi- you are truly blessed to have the wonderful family God chose for you!

Toryn is ready for his new friend to come home from China!

Welcome Home, sweet one! You were prayed for a long time! Oh, you were truly worth the wait!

The two proud mama's with their gifts from God!

KayLi with her proud brother, Ryan and her sister, Emily.

Can't ever have enough hugs from a sister!

KayLi was giving free hugs like crazy! (I even got one myself and yes, it made me cry hard!) Here she is giving her Grandma Sharon a big one! So sweet!


Sharon said...

I was so bummed they didnt come thru Dallas. I told Lisa I need to make a trip to Midland to get our three Asian Sensations together!

moonsyner said...

What a wonderful blog and beautiful pictures. Thank you for taking them. I love the one with Toryn and KayLi together.