Saturday, July 25, 2009

Come out and play with me...

Last night, I hosted my Christmas Club friends. I love these ladies! It's so nice to visit and fellowship. Vickie, my friend from work, brought her daughter, Emily. Toryn had so much fun playing with her! She is such a cutie!

They took turns playing on the scooter, or motorcycle as Toryn calls it! By the way, thanks Aunt Crickie (Cristi), for the scooter. Toryn loves it!

Oh, no! "This is what happens when I stop and pose for a picture, Mom! Thanks!"

Are we cute or what? Toryn looks like he is blushing- guess it's because he is getting a hug from the queen!

Emily is such a little princess! Thank you for coming to play with Toryn, Emily! We must do this again, soon!

Emily was cracking us up with her "funny faces". This ones for you, Vick!

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Sharon said...

Can't wait to get our boys together, their personalities look so similiar, as do their looks...we sure are blessed aren't we?