Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can you say SPEECH?

Praise the Lord, about a month ago, we finally found a speech therapist. I was trying real hard to find one here in Big Spring, but had no luck. We do have several here in town, but they all work for the school system. We could use them, but they were not able to see Toryn two to three times a week like was needed. I was able to find one in Midland, and she is wonderful! I am now kicking myself for not going there first, because it is so wonderful. We have been going for about a month now, and we can see some progress with Toryn's speech. It is a really neat, kid friendly, office. The waiting room is the coolest. It is decorated with a jungle theme. When Toryn goes in the room with Ms. Debbie for his session, I get to sit on the outside and watch through a little window. It's pretty neat!

Toryn and I waiting in the neat waiting room.

...and an extra priviledge is that we get to go with the Lansford's on Friday's. Sweet KayLi sees Ms. Debbie, also.

Giving sugars to the cute stuffed elephant.

This is the coolest tent ever!

Lisa and KayLi. I love this picture. It's as if the cute giraffe wants his picture taken, too.


Sharon said...

I am so behind on blogs and I was scrolling through my blog list...Yours was the only one I clicked on. Today is my mom's funeral and your song on here, is has brought me comfort!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing - I do love reading it!

Lisa said...

Praising God with you for a great speech therapist! Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that you went to China first. You have been such a blessing!!!! We love hanging out with you guys on Fridays!