Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trinity Fall Festival~October 31, 2009


At our fall festival at the church. Our youth group put on the fall festival as a fundraiser. It was held at our new church parking lot. It was a great turnout and the youth group made $2700 which helps them go towards youth camp and mission trips.

Toryn & KayLi decided that they would take a bite out of each apple before we realized what they were doing! Ooops!

Toryn wanted to wear his Chinese outfit that we got in China.

KayLi & Toryn are good buddies!

Two precious jewels from Heaven!

It took me forever to get Toryn to get on the little train, then when I finally did, it took me forever to get him off! He loved it!

He loved the jumping castle, too!

Treagan helps Toryn throw the ball at the cans.


Toryn's first Fall Festival. He had a blast and slept really good that night!

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Lisa said...

It was such a fun evening! Please thank your generous church again!!!