Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Crazy Cousins! Treagan, Payton, Tessa, Toryn, Taylor

Ahh, so many blessings this year. Way too many to list! I am one blessed girl! I have so much to thank God for, one being the addition of Toryn to our family this year. It has been such fun with him. I am thankful for our loving God who takes such amazing care of me. I'm thankful for my hardworking, wonderful hubby who is the bomb. I'm thankful for my sweet kids who continue to make me so proud in the wise and Christ-like decisions that they make. I'm thankful that Tessa chose to go to Arlington Baptist College, because she wants to serve God with her beautiful voice. I am thankful for Treagan who keeps me rolling with his sense of humor, and I love his big heart. Hmm, the list goes on and on. I am one blessed mama!

We started the day by going to my mom's for lunch. Ymmm, her dressing is the very best! I love family time and I love all of us being together. That evening, we went to Tim & Kim's for the Kendrick side. Yep, I ate more yummy food there, too. The day is never long enough and the time together is certainly not either!

Payton & Treagan

We were also thankful that Jimmy (my sister's husband) made it home finally. He has been working in Wyoming for the past 75 days. Toryn has not been around Uncle Jimmy a whole lot, but sure was glad he made a good wrestling partner! Taylor (on the couch) is very glad his daddy is home, too.

Payter & Tess

Traci & Treagan

Yum, nothing like the beaters from the whip cream!

Look who the spoiled brats are that got the beaters!

This crazy college kid and her new "do" made me a little crazy at first, but it finally grew on me. I love it when my girl is home!

Tessa's best friend, Hannah, came and spent the night with Tess.

I have no idea why Toryn has a green basket on his head. It has been his choice of hats for about the past week.


Lisa said...

KayLi just saw the pic of Toryn and the beater and said "Awe, Toryn messy." She is gettin' after that poor boy even when he's no where near her!

Love Tessa's new "do" and the beautiful pic of you guys!

Grandma Wilma said...

Who are those 5 "Country Bumpkins" on my bed? And, thanks for the compliment on my turkey dressing. Of course it's good---I had the BEST TEACHER in the world!
Merry Christmas,