Tuesday, December 1, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I was very excited to get the Christmas decorations down. I couldn't wait to see Toryn's face as we got the decorations out. Sure enough, the expressions on his face were precious. He would also squeal with excitement. It's going to be a great time this year having him home with us for Christmas. Yes, we actually had him for Christmas last year, but we were still in China. There is no place like home!

Helping Tessa and Treagan trim the tree. (Notice the way Treagan is holding his head to the side. He had a terrible crick in his neck that sent him to the emergency room and to the chiropractor twice. He wasn't sure what he did. We accused him of turning real quick looking at pretty girls. lol)

Helping put the tree up!

Toryn loved the stuffed santa and snowman. Once he saw them all, he wanted his picture taken with each one of them.

Toryn "lined them all up" for a picture that he had to take.

Putting up Christmas decorations is really hard work and Treagan makes a great pillow.

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Lisa said...

OK, now I feel even more guilty for playing all day and not getting busy of the Christmas decorations. Tomorrow....

Love that little man!