Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Party at Southfork Ranch

I was totally pumped when Toryn received an invitation to a Christmas Party hosted by Dr. Genecov and his staff (Craniofacial Institute) at Southfork Ranch. What made it even better was that we were already going to be in that area meeting with the lady from our agency for our LAST meeting, which is the 12 month post placement report. The icing on the cake, of course, was getting to spend time with Tessa. =)
The party was really fun. It wasn't quite what I expected, but the kids were having a blast and that's what it was all about. I was pretty excited that it was at Southfork Ranch, remembering that Dad & Mom were faithful viewers of the show Dallas. Of course, Tessa and Treagan wanted to know what was so special about Southfork Ranch. Geez- such youngsters. We actually didn't get to go into the house, so that was a little disappointing. A lady from Radio Disney kind of hosted the party. (Treagan just knew they would let Miley come! lol) They had different activities for the children like crafts, games, dances, a firetruck ride, and snakes for the kids to hold. YES, you read that right! How crazy is that?!!! Toryn LOVED the snakes and didn't want to do anything else. (there is something seriously wrong with that boy!) I, on the other hand, like snakes about as much as I like mice, which is absolutely, positively NONE whatsoever!!!! HATE THEM!!!! I did take pictures, as you can see below, thanking God the entire time for ZOOM lenses! The most precious part of the whole party was the fact that there were tons of children there with craniofacial birth defects, many cleft children, and many more severe. These children were having the time of their lives and not a care in the world. One little girl, probably about 4 or 5 years old, was very disfigured, but I will never forget those beautiful blue eyes and that precious smile plastered on her little face when she was "dancing" in her wheelchair that her daddy was pushing. Priceless, just priceless. Beautiful children and oh, how I'm reminded of how truly blessed we are. Yes, I was given a child with one of these birth defects, but when he smiles, you don't see that scar at all. Instead, you see one of God's masterpieces. I am so thankful that God has given these extremely talented surgeons the ability to perform these miraculous surgeries. WOW! Truly, behind the face of these children is a heart!

A great big thank you to Dr. Genecov and his staff for a fun day!

Southfork Ranch- where is J.R.?

As you can see, Toryn was not real fond of Santa Clause!

Lovin' me some mama moment!

Toryn trying to hoola hoop in the hoola hoop contest. I think we need to practice!

YIKES, get that snake out of here! He liked touching it!

I should have known, Tessa would be the first one to hold the snake. Her daddy doesn't call her Ellie May for no reason!

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Lisa said...

How did I miss this post? I so wish we could have joined you. Too bad we had to miss those lovely snakes!