Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Little Star!

How cute! The Toddler Dept. at church sang for us tonight. What a blessing! Toryn's first performance. He did so good. (You never know- he can be very moody at times. lol) He was in the best mood. Before church, he kept telling me he was going to play a horn. Probably because Treagan had his band concert this past week and Toryn LOVES anything to do with the band. When I asked him what instrument he was going to play tonight at church, he said 'tuba'. Made my heart sing (I played tuba in school :) No, he didn't play a horn, but he did get to jingle some bells. He was also very excited about wearing his tie. He looked adorable and of course was the cutest one up there. I'm not partial or anything! Yes, you know me, I was teary eyed through the whole thing. Couldn't help but think about how wonderful God is to bring this sweet boy home from China where he has the freedom to sing and praise His holy name. Can't believe that on Tuesday, God placed this sweet child in my arms! More on that Tuesday, our Gotcha Day anniversary!

Toryn's Sunday School teachers gave him this soccer ball. He has been wanting one and he was very excited when they gave in to him.

All the kids were adorable. Toryn didn't sing a whole lot, but he did all of the hand motions.

I look absolutely adorable in my vest and tie!


Sharon said...

What a handsome boy!!!

Lisa said...

He is the cutest little "tuba" player ever!!! You must have been so proud!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Gotcha Day!!!