Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrating Gotcha Day- 12/22/09

I wanted to try to come up with a special tradition to start to celebrate Gotcha Day. Since Termite and I worked today (and different shifts), it made it a challenge to do something with the whole family. We went to the local Chinese restaurant. Seems only appropriate to have Chinese food to celebrate. It was nice to have Tessa home from college, so she could join us. Unfortunately, Termite had to work, so he didn't get to join us, maybe next year. I still can't believe it has been a year since this sweet boy was placed in my arms. What a fun year it's been!

A year ago, Toryn wasn't smiling quite so big when he was getting a hug from me. I love these mama moments!

This boy LOVES noodles! It was so cute when I put his plate down in front of him. He immediately looked up at the waitress and said, "Chopsticks", just as if he uses them at every meal. In fact, when we first got home last year, we gave him some to see if he knew how to use them, and he seemed to not know how. Some of the other children knew how, but I guess he had not been exposed to them. The waitress brought him some, and this is how he used them for his noodles.

"I think I will try the fork now. Seems I can do that much faster!"

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Lisa said...

You gotta love this kid!!! Noodles are KayLi's favorite too!!!!