Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Calling all Prayer Warriors, Please!

I am asking that you continue to pray for Toryn. (We deeply appreciate those prayers lifted up on his behalf already!) Like I have mentioned already, his palate surgery was March 19th, and was deemed successful. Since the surgery, there is a area that is not healing as well as the rest of it. We went back last Friday to have the stitches removed from his lip (which is looking great!), and the nurse looked at the spot that we were concerned with and said not to be alarmed yet, we would see how it looks in a week. (We weren't able to see the doctor, but the nurse has lots of experience in this area, too.) Since then, it has gotten worse and seems larger to me. We go back to Dallas tomorrow for our two week post-op appt. Please pray that the area of concern is healing and it won't require more surgery at this time. Also, please pray that we can be released from the liquid diet! Thank you all, and God bless,


Lisa said...

Praise God that he is a mighty healer and that he is in control!

I'm praying like crazy!
I love ya, girl!!!

Sharon said...

Does that tissue concern you or a hole? Just so you know, Dr. Byrd left a hole in Hudson's palate on purpose to aid in growth. He said if it doesn't close up on its own he will close it with his next surgery.....keep us updated. Praying......