Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Traditions.....

Nothing like being behind. These pictures are long overdue! We FINALLY got back in our house, but things are still crazy! (There's no place like home!) Hopefully, soon things will be back to normal, WHATEVER that is. Between my ancient computer and my very energetic three year old who wants all of my attention (I LOVE IT!), I can't seem to download pictures and blog fast enough. I'm certainly not complaining though, I am having so much fun playing and reading to a toddler again! Thank you, Jesus!
It has become a tradition to dye eggs with my niece and nephew at my Mom's house. It was extra special this year, because Toryn got to join us for the fun. He wasn't sure about this "dying egg thing". He doesn't like, no, more like he HATES, for his hands to be dirty, so when the dye would get on his hands, he would freak out. He finally got the hang of using his spoon and not his hands.

Toryn loves yellow, so his first egg went staight for the yellow dye!

On your mark...get set...DYE!!!

Turned out pretty cute, don't ya think?

Treagan's finished project! Love the face, son!

Taylor's finished project!

"Payton, your suppose to DYE the eggs, not EAT them yet!"

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