Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just for my info...

This is a boring post for you, but I just wanted to make sure I had these dates journaled for my own purposes. I am trying to download Easter pics for you, but my computer is keep watching. I promise I'll get them on here sooner or later. Have a blessed weekend!

9/8/08: Switched to SN program.
*9/15/08: Saw Yang Ling Jun's precious face for the first time.
10/20/08: Received P.A. (pre-approval)
10/31/08: Received R.A. (Referral Acceptance)
12/1/08: Received T.A. (Travel approval)
12/16/08: Leave home and head to China
12/22/09: Receive the best Christmas gift ever!


Lisa said...

This is so not a boring post! It is a post of days written before the beginning of time, to show the world how much God loves his children and wants them with their families! Praise god for posts like these!!!!

Lisa said...

OK I REALLY didn't mean to spell God with a little g. He is very much a capital G kinda God!