Friday, April 3, 2009

Praising His Name!

Just a quick note to let you know that Toryn's 2 week post-op appt. went very well yesterday! Dr. Genecov was very pleased at how everything was healing. He did say the area I was concerned with was just taking a little longer to heal, but he had no doubt it would eventually heal nicely. Thank you, Jesus! The best part was that he released us from the liquid diet! YeeHaw!!!! So we went to Chili's and ate lunch! Toryn enjoyed his grilled chicken, but not as much as the brownie and ice cream he shared with Termite. Can't thank you all enough for your many prayers. We will go back in 6 weeks and the doctor will decide what will be next, but he doesn't think we will have to rush into anything yet.


Sharon said...

YEAH!!!!! LOVED the pictures of Tessa, what a beauty and special time with her dad!!!

Lisa said...

Praise God!!!!! I'm soooooo glad to hear that he's healing and that he got to EAT!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

priscilla said...

I am very hppy to hear that he is doing so much better.