Friday, October 17, 2008

Battle of the Bands!

I'm so excited! Tonight at our football game, Forsan plays Sundown. Sundown is always our biggest competition at the State Marching Contest. Halftime should be really interesting! Ok, being a mom gives me bragging rights, correct? Maybe not, but here goes anyways. WE ARE THE STATE CHAMPIONS!!!! Yep, we beat Sundown at the last marching contest. They are really good though, so I can't wait to see their show tonight. I know one thing for sure though, we have the cutest drum major! (Sure, I'm a little biased! Could it be because I'm her mother!) You betcha! Small town, BIG sound! Go Forsan Band!

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Regina said...

Love your blog!!
I hope you don't mind but I just tagged you. You can visit my blog to see the rules.
Blessings to you!!!