Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Power of Prayer

I wanted to list some specific prayer request for us and our little guy:

1.) Please pray that God will start preparing Toryn for us, so that he will bond and attach to us quickly.

2.) Pray that God will protect him and keep him healthy like only He can while he is in the orphanage.

3.) Pray that God will provide the amount we still need to complete this journey. I am also asking God to allow us to have enough for Tessa and Treagan to make the trip with us. I can't even imagine not taking them with us when we go to China to get Toryn. He will provide! He is so faithful!

4.) Pray for Toryn's birthparents. I pray that God gives them peace that only He can give them. I want them to know that Toryn is already loved so much and will be forever, in addition to every need of his will be met.

We thank you very much for your prayers! We are truly blessed with family and friends who will pray with us!
Love you all,


Sharon said...

Praying for Toryn and the rest of your requests. God knows how awesome it would be for the kids to meet their brother IN China...I am confident they will go with you! HE IS BIG!

Regina said...

I will pray for your family.
From another AWAA family.