Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Honey!

I want to wish my man a Very Happy Father's Day! Man, I love this guy! I have the best hubby and couldn't ask for a better Daddy to my three blessings! Thank you, Termite, for all you do, for who you are! I would not be where I am today, if it had not been for you and your love for Christ! I don't tell you enough how truly blessed I am to have you! I love you, my Handsome Hero! Happy Father's Day! Happy First Father's Day to three!

Happy Daddy's Day! And what a blessing, he was actually off work today, so we got to spend the whole day with him! Yippee, Jesus! (Tessa only allowed me to post this picture if I promised to explain her "chubby cheeks". She just had her wisdom teeth out!)

Termite's first Father's Day with Toryn. Remember when we first got Toryn, he was a little skiddish and didn't have much to do with Termite? Well, you should see him now. He is attached to his back pocket! I love it! It is so cute! Most of the time, Toryn's first words in the morning are, "Where's Daddy?" I pray that God will place a peace in Toryn's biological father's heart, so that he will know that he is being well taken care of and his needs met by his daddy now, Termite. Thank you, Jesus!

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Lisa said...

Holy moly....Termite shaved!!!! Now that we can see his face, I'm understanding your nick name for him better :0)

Happy Father's Day Termite!!!!

I hope Tessa is feeling better!