Tuesday, June 16, 2009

His Prize Possession of the day.....

Toryn received so many fun toys and nice gifts when we were given his shower. We literally didn't have room in our small house for all of the new toys. I had to put some in storage for a little while, which I hated to do at the time, but it was so fun today when we got them all out and brought them home. It was like Christmas or Birthday all over. He was so excited with all the "new" toys. He wanted to sleep with them all, but finally settled for just his green ball. It couldn't be close enough. He loves it! Sweet dreams my little man! I love you!

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Lisa said...

What a sweet sleep he is enjoying!!!

I've often thought of sneaking off and putting up several Christmas and birthday gifts to be brought out later. Now I think I'm sold on the idea. Why not spread the joy around a little? I'm so glad you were showered too!