Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey, Vick- this post is for you!

My sweet friend, Vickie, gave me this precious doll while we were waiting for our referral during our adoption. At that time, we thought our little one would probably be a girl. This is the most precious doll that I have ever seen, and it often cheered me up during the long wait. I cherish it so much, I haven't let Toryn see it because he loves "babies" (real and dolls) so much, I didn't want him to ruin her, but he found it today. He was so sweet with it, and had a lot of fun pushing her around in his stroller. Hmmmm, let's not tell his Daddy that he was playing with dolls! LOL Thanks, Vickie, we love her!


vickie matthews said...


Thank you so much the the post. I was just as blessed at being able to give you that baby doll as you were to receive it. The pictures are so special-seeing the end result of your china baby holding that baby doll.
You are so blessed to be able to spend every day with him and his smiles-they are contagious.
Thank you for sharing him with us with your writings and pictures-I cannot get enough. You tell me the stories at work and then I get to see the pictures here and it all has been amazing.
I know I never tell you, but thank you for always showing me your faith and love of God-YOU ARE AMAZING and I cherish all you share with me.

we love you and thank you again

Lisa said...

What a sweet post! He'll be such a great daddy someday!!!

Sharon said...

What I want to know is what does big brother think? Jordan flips when Hudson even looks at a doll!