Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pray for Corbin, aka String Bean!

Please, pray for our precious little buddy, Corbin, or better known by me as String Bean! He is currently in a VERY serious surgery. We are asking for a miracle and God is totally in control! I started calling Corbin, String Bean, sometime back. Not sure why other than he really took a growth spurt at that time, and he became String Bean. He cracked me up one day when we were in China. I mentioned here on my blog that Toryn was long and skinny and reminded me of a string bean. I immediately received a email from Corbin telling me that he could not be called string bean, because that was his name. He's right, he is my String Bean!
Thank you for your prayers for Corbin!

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Lisa said...

Praying like crazy for this amazing guy! God is showing off and working miracles all over Corbin!

It was great to visit with you yesterday and Emily LOVES her Jie Jie t-shirt!!!!