Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too Sweet....

This week has been Vacation Bible School at our church. Unfortunately, I have had to work so I haven't got to help or even take Toryn, but thankfully, Tessa has been able to take him and help work it. She, along with many others, have told me that Toryn has just had a blast. They told me that on Monday, when the puppets came on, he was just mesmorized by them. Of course, I guess he had never seen puppets, so like many things, they were new to him. Tessa said that he was the only one standing up, just staring at them, trying to figure it all out.
One of the sweet things he does is he will pick up any book and ask if it's a Bible. Of course, we explain to him that it is just a book, and then show him one of our Bibles. I have been meaning to pick him up a little Bible, but just haven't yet. He always ask for his when we head to church. (Shame on me for not taking the time to get him one by now!) Yesterday, he came home with a little Bible of his very own. He is so proud of it! He has carried it around all afternoon, tucked under his arm, griped strongly so no one dares to take it from him. He LOVES it. This morning when we headed out, he had to put it back in its little box so it wouldn't get dirty. As I teared up (as always, with everything this child does), I thanked our precious Savior for allowing us to bring him home to a country where we are allowed to carry our Bibles. I pray Toryn will always cherish his Bible, for it is the most precious Book ever!


Lisa said...

Praising God through tearful eyes!
Love y'all!

Sheila said...

Wow, that made me tear up too. Just a little story of how he came to get the Bible. Mrs. Cotton was teaching the toddlers in VBS. On Monday, 2 of the kids brought their Bibles. Well, the rest of the kids wanted one too and it caused quite a rucuss. Mrs. Cotton knew that I kept a stash of small Bibles in the nursery since we give the babies one when they move up to toddlers, so she went in and got all the rest of the toddlers their own Bible. You need to write that story in the front of his Bible. I am sure that you will have to do it while he is assleep though. Love ya