Monday, December 15, 2008

...And the winner is......

Congratulations to Debbie Wylie! Debbie won our raffle for a brand new Canon Rebel camera. Debbie and her hubby, Jake, have a new baby on the way, so they are really excited about the camera. It will be used often, I'm sure! I do have a video of the drawing, so you will know that it was done honestly. I even had witnesses. LOL
When I figure out how to make a video and post it to my blog, I will do that.

A great big thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket, helped sell the raffle tickets, supported all of our fundraisers, or just gave a donation. This journey would not have been possible without everyone's help and for that we are so thankful. Our little guy will get to come home and have a forever family because of everyone's generosity! We can never thank you all in an adequate way, but God can, and we have asked him to send huge blessings to all of you! Please continue to pray for our trip, our safety and health, along with praying for Toryn's health and preparation for us.

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