Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday's Happenings

Again, sorry I haven't been on. We traveled to Guangzhou on Fri., so that took most of the day. Toryn did so good on the airplane. He has really come out of his shell. He is a little doll. He has been so funny. He is also very particular. He cannot stand for crumbs to be on him. He hates to be dirty. He loves to eat! We were eating french fries today, and he had to have them laying just right on his plate. We were so intriqued watching him. It was almost like he was organizing them from shortest to tallest. It also is very sad watching him eat. He shoves everything in his mouth all at once and eats very fast. He will eat anything you put in front of him. It makes me think that maybe he thinks he is not going to get another meal. I don't know. His favorite is watermelon. We have enjoyed him so much.

I have to teach him the important things first! Yes, he will sit there and let me brush his teeth.

My brother decided I needed a mohawk! Am I cute or what?

Toryn got to hear the Christmas story for the very first time!

Toryn will play all day long with my Treagan, and give him sugars, but he still won't let him hold him. He will love on them like crazy, but not carry him. Hopefully soon! I'm not sure my back will hold up much longer. Thank the Lord for my carrier.

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Lisa said...

OK, maybe it's jut mebeing a little weird but do you see the light around Toryn when you are reading him the Christmas story? That is beyond awesome! Love Ya, Lisa