Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not much to do on the long flight, so we tried to catch some ZZZZzzz's.

Treagan after about 15 hours of travel time.

Flying over the Sierra Mountains with snow on them. They were pretty.

When we flew from San Francisco to Beijing, the worst part was that we didn't get to sit together, but we were able to move around and at least see each other some. The kids and I were at least on the same row, but poor Termite was in the very back by himself. He did survive the flights, since flying is not his favorite thing to do. He soon made friends with everyone around him, imagine that. He's never met a stanger. I sat by a Chinese family that were going to see their parents in Beijing. The couple had two adorable children, little girl that was 5 yo and little boy that was one. The little girl and I played school pretty much the whole flight and the little boy liked it when I held him. It just about killed me to play with them. Yeah right. They lived in California, and they had moved there so they could have more than one child. They were really nice and I enjoyed them.
Today (Friday) is a free day. Some of the group is going to tour a kindergarten and a rural homefront. Some of our travel group is just arriving today. We are still exhausted, so we decided to use today to rest. We think we are going to walk to their Walmart which is called Carefore and get some water bottles. It's right by our hotel. Tessa and I want to get a nice massage, too. We'll see. I'll post more this evening. Congrats to the Forsan Lady Buffs, we heard you beat Garden City. You're on a roll! Great job. Tessa misses you!
Love to all,

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Sharon said...

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed your free day and have caught up on sleep. Are you enjoying the Chinese buffets?? You will enjoy your day of touring tomorrow...I pray that the weather is not TOO cold! We climbed the Great Wall in snow and ice but it was SOOOO fun! We slid down on our butts and laughed so hard so go fot it!! Too incredible to pass up!