Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve-24th

In the lobby of the hotel here in Nanjing, there is a huge train set. It is way too cool. I don't know who likes it more, Toryn or Termite.

Is he not the cutest little guy ever?

The orphanage sent this little toy truck with Toryn.

My Daddy and brother is so funny!


Lisa said...

"Please put more pictures, so we can see how much fun you are having. Then we will know how much fun we will have." Love, Emily ("The Cute One")

I just typed what she told me to!

Cheryl said...

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers. The pictures are awesome! Merry Christmas to you all and may God bless you in a very special way today. We can't wait to see you in Guangzhou!
Hank, Cheryl, Kelsey, Kennan and Kylie