Saturday, December 27, 2008

Aunt Kim, my backpack was a great idea! It's as big as I am, but I have to carry it myself because I'm Mr. Independent!

Toryn's first plane ride! He did great! He sat there and played with Termite. He was attached to an empty water bottle today. They kept hiding it from each other and Toryn thought it was so funny. They fed us a sandwich on the plane. He was so proud of his sandwich, he kept showing everyone around us a jillion times. He never quit smiling the entire day. Such a sweetheart.

The kids with our guides. Larry (to the left) is our guide for Nanjing, and Linekar has been with us the entire time. The guides are so much help, I can't imagine being without them. They are really nice, too.

This was the big train set that was in the lobby of our hotel at Nanjing. It was really cool, and the little ones loved it.

We look pretty good as a family of five!


Debbie Burt said...

Hello to you all. We are so excited for you. He is precious!!! It was so sweet seeing you reading the Christmas story to him for the first time. God is going to use this little boy in a special way some day. I know you guys can't wait to just get him home and in a normal routine. We are praying for you and can't wait to hug you! We have been keeping the Sunday School class up with you and they are all praying also. Love ya!!

Lisa said...

I'm soooo happy to know your children have pants again!!!

lduke said...

Hi there ,again.I just can't wait everyday to see what is going on
with you.Toryn sometime probably wonders the same thing but also is
probably thing "WOW,I never had it so good." haha
He is so cute and I can see why you said that he is spoiled already
You all got a real live doll for
Christmas and just have to play with him all the time.
I pray for you everyday and can hardly wait until you get home.

j4lingnau said...

This family photo is cute!!! I have been waiting for one of the whole family. I love it!!!

Barbara said...

Oh the family pictures are so cute and the t-shirts are great. Im so excited for you. Love ya'll Barbara and Ron