Tuesday, December 9, 2008

God is still on the throne, Satan!

Boy, Satan is trying real hard to not let us go get our little guy, but our God is so much bigger than he is and God is still in control! We had a small house fire this morning in the kitchen. Praise God it could have been so much worse! We are truly blessed! Thank you, Lord! It's amazing how all the materialistic things are so minor! We are all ok, and that is all that matters! The house filled up with smoke so quickly. You may feel silly when you practice your fire drills, BUT DO IT ANYWAY!!!! My kids knew exactly what to do, and we all showed up at the desinated meeting place. Test your fire alarms and have your fire extinguishers checked often! Change those batteries! If we had not done these things, it could have been much worse. The fire extinguisher was right where it was suppose to be, so Termite was able to get the blaze out fairly quickly. There's always a blessing. Hey, I might get a new kitchen! That could be fun! Again, to God be the glory! Thank you, Lord for your protection. We will not let Satan win, our God is still in control. We just might go to China smelling like a campfire! ;o)


Cheryl said...

Wow Traci! I am so grateful that you all are okay and that you still have a house! Praising God for his protection for you and your family. I know Satan tries to do all kinds of things to discourage and distract us from what the Lord has for us...praying that we will keep our eyes on our Lord! Can you believe that in two weeks we will already have our precious little ones? I am so excited! Praying for you everyday...and praising God for his blessings!
Celebrating victory along with you,

Sharon said...

Oh Traci, I am so sorry but so glad you are all ok!! Man, wait till you are on that plane to China and you will have NOTHING to do for hours but enjoy one another and dream about the moment you will meet Toryn!

Debbie Burt said...

Tessa told me about the fire last night. Oh my word!! We will continue to pray for you guys and this crazy journey you are on. I have scheduled the shower for Jan 11th after the evening service. If there is anyone you would like to invite outside of church let me know also I will need a clothes size and anything else you can think of that you might need for your new little one. I so appreciate your faithful service to HIM.
Love, Debbie Burt

esueshan said...

Traci I am in Atlanta watching my beautiful daughter feed my beautiful granddaughter. Life is wonderful. My thoughts are with you and the famiily on your adventure. Take lots and lots of pictures. Hurry home with Toryn so we can all share our love.