Sunday, December 28, 2008

A note from Tessa

Hey guys. It's been great here but I'm real ready to come home. My favorite place that we have been to is Guangzhou. I don't know if it's because it's warm and green or if it's because it's the place we finally get to shop at. :) The food is much better than from Beijing because it's mostly McDonalds haha. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My little brother is cute but he's a real toot. He's come out of his shell and is very funny. He still won't let dad or Treagan hold him. He plays with Treagan and gives him sugars but has nothing to do with dad. Well I hope everything is going well. I will see yall Wednesday finally.


Grandma Wilma said...

Yea! Tessa gets to SHOP!SHOP!SHOP!
Decisions! Decisions! Go for it,Girl. Love Ya, G'ma

amholguin23 said...

Tessa and Treagan,

I am so glad y'all are getting to experience this! I miss seeing your smiling faces in the choir and can't wait for ALL of you to get home!! We love you so much!

p.s. tess-make sure you buy something you can keep forever(traditional robe) and show your kids!
Love, A,G&D

j4lingnau said...

Tessa and Treagan- I am so excited yall got to go to China!!! This is a trip of a lifetime. How cool to see so many historical sights and things most of us will only see in books and pictures. I can tell you are both having a wonderful time. I love seeing your smiling faces in the photos as well. See ya soon. Give your mom a big hug from me!!! Love you, angela

Lockharts said...

Clay say's hey! See ya soon!