Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve- 24th cont.

This morning (Wed. 24th, Christmas Eve), was free time. We ate at the hotel buffet. This boy can put the food away. It kind of makes me sad, thinking that maybe they didn't get to eat much in the orphanage. He eats very fast, and a lot. He LOVES watermelon. He starts bouncing and clapping when he sees it. He eats it so fast, it starts coming out his nose. Too cute!

In the afternoon, we did some touring of Nanjing. We went to a fort of some kind. I wish I could tell you more but I didn't catch it all. Mr. Toryn was a little leech and we had to walk around while Larry, the guide, was explaining everything. Then we went down to the shopping area. It was neat to see, but tons of people. Tessa found a real cute dress, she was the only one who bought anything. I am waiting till we get down to Guangzhou. I hear there's some great shopping there.

By time we got back to the hotel, we were all ready for bed. We crashed. Sorry, there wasn't much we did today, so not much to tell about.

We miss you all and cannot wait to come home. I am craving turkey and dressing so bad. Not as bad as a Diet Dr. Pepper, though! Have I mentioned that before?
Well, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Love to all,
Traci, Termite, Tessa, Treagan & Toryn

....The stockings were hung by in the hotel. Will Santa find us in China?

Toryn in his Christmas jammies all ready for bed. His first Christmas Eve, and we cannot wait for tomorrow. Santa will surely find us!

By the "soldier" at the fort.

The family in front of the city of Nanjing. Notice that my goofy older children have on shorts. The hubby's took the laundry to a laundry place and the kids sent all their long pants thinking that it would be done the same day. It took two days. Good thing we are not still in Beijing where it is 14 degrees. It got up to 55-60 here today.

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Lisa said...

It looks like the carrier is working well, yeah!!! We miss you to. Not too much longer and you can make that boy a Texan! Lisa