Thursday, December 25, 2008

Can you hear me now, Grandma Wilma and Granma Helen?

These stacking cups were a big hit.

We wanted to try to call home, but I'm not sure we will be able to. No one seems to have any calling cards for sale. We fly to Guangzhou this afternoon, so maybe we will be able to when we get there. Sorry, we sure was looking forward to calling home. We love you all and miss you so very much!

Love, Termite, Traci, Treagan, Toryn, and Tessa


Barbara said...

We love your blog. The pictures and verses are wonderful. We are praying that all will continue to go well. Ron said he will take you out for Chinese food when you get back because we know you will need some more of that food. HaHa The little Asian sensation is so very cute. May the Lord bless and keep you in his hand. Love Ron and Barbara

Barbara said...

disGranma Helen said to send her love and the sweet sugar slobbers to the sweet boy. She cannot wait to hug everyone and wants you to be safe. take care and cannot wait till New Year's eve to see you in Midland. Be sure to hug each other for her. love you bunches!:) Granma Helen

Barbara said...

Granma Helen aks Grandma Dude said Good one Peanut Treagan need a bonk on the head. HaHa :) oh and Barbara cannot type we opps on the first comment with the "dis". Have fun we love looking at all the pictures. love you bunches Granma Helen

codychristinb said...

Hey Guys!
Sorry we haven't posted in a while! With all the moving we didn't have access to a computer for a few days. I was very upset because I had to miss several posts, but I am caught up now so its all good! He is so cute & we cannot wait to meet him! We love ya'll!
Christin & Cody

j4lingnau said...

Sorry we had to miss you a couple of days! But we are home now and have computer access. I am so glad to hear things are going great. I absolutely love the pictures of the 3 of them laughing. They are priceless!!! We love you all and are counting down to see you in just a few days!

j4lingnau said...

Toryn- Your big brother and sister do rock!! Give them a big hug for me!! I am sure they will teach you lots of interesting and fun things through the years.

You all have made this an extra special Christmas for lots of people. Yall are a living example of Christ's love and he has blessed you with the best gift of the year. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Angela