Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A few words from the greatest, Treagan=]!

Well, I am so glad we finally got Toryn!! He is so cute and already fits right in with the family. He is a bit scared to be held by dad and I. Before we came I tried to prepare myself just in case he didn't come to me, so I think God was telling me to prepare myself and just trust him. He will let us play with him, only if he is held by mom or tess. He will give me kisses that aren't kisses, it's mostly slober(lol) but I don't care. Well anyways...the chinese culture is a bit different. The food is so gross. It's like dead animals pretty much. The soup is so not soup. I call it poop. They gave us this one soup and it had like floating meatballs and so I said "I think i will try this." and so I got the scooper and scooped it up and all this rubber plastic green stuff came up.YUCK!. Also the guide Larry told us to pack up laundry that needs to be washed and all the dads will take it to the laundry mat. "Lucky Lucys" is what they called, so you know me and Tessa, we are ditsy and put everything we own in there except our shorts that we wear to bed. So guess what we wore yesterday? Shorts and a t-shirt.Guess who got stared at? Me and Tessa. Like we went and shopped at this place in town in Nanjing and people were like worried that we were gonna die because we were wearing shorts?!! Yeah it's pretty weird here, so finally this other chinese couple looked at me and I shouted "YES I HAVE SHORTS ON!!!" and they looked at us and everyone in our group is laughing so hard.haha It was hilarious. Well I don't know what else to say so Thank you for your prayers and thanks for getting us this far!!!


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Grandma Wilma said...

Thank goodness you had on shorts and not those ugly green pants. They would have been a shocker to everyone in China.
Just hang in there and real soon Toryn will be a'ok with you and your Dad. Sure will be happy when all of you get home. Meantime, Merry Christmas. Tell Tessa hi for me.
Love, Grandma