Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd

Today was a pretty good day. Toryn slept all night from about 8:30 till 5:00 this morning. When it was time for bed, he just laid down and about 1 minute later he was zonked. He didn't move all night long.

Today we had to go back to the Civil Affairs Office to do the finalization of the adoption. We were a little concerned because the orphanage director and nannie was suppose to be there. We didn't want him to have another meltdown when he saw them and they had to leave again. When we got there, his nannie didn't come, but the orphanage director did. We were a little relieved that she didn't. He took one look at the director and turned back to me and reached for me. Aaaaahhh! Ok, tears now. The paperwork didn't take very long. Yang Ling Jun is now ours. The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Psalms 126:3

Our guides then took us to the Carefore store again to get items for the babies. When we were all in the store walking out, a little older lady caught up with us and started talking alot, then she started crying. We asked Larry, our guide what she said, and he said that she was thanking us all for coming all the way to China to get these little ones to raise. She said we were very compassionate people and really was happy for the children to be raised with us and in America. It was so sweet. For lunch, they took us to KFC!!!!!!!!!! Finally, American food! To God be the Glory. It was very good. Toryn loved the spicy chicken and french fries. This boy can put away the food! Yep, he's my son.

The afternoon and evening were free time, so we just chilled at the room and rested. For supper, we ordered pizza. PIZZA, more American food! Yippee!!! It was delicious. We ate with the other three families and really enjoyed the time together. We are having a blast getting to know these families. Two of the families are from Tennessee and one is from Ohio. I'll post pictures later of their precious little children that God has blessed them with. Two of the men are pastors. I think Christmas Eve, we are going to have a little service among ourselves. It will be nice.

Mom, if you ate at Carambas without me you are in big trouble! Also, Mom, could you please Fed Ex me a DIET DR. PEPPER? Please, it's Christmas time you know!

Angela, Toryn let me brush his teeth today!!!! Yeah, although it didn't help the breath. It be kickin'! We will work on flossing tomorrow!

To all those traveling for the holidays, please be careful and stay safe. Merry Christmas to all!

Well, I'm going to put Toryn down for a nap. Be back later!
Love and miss you all,

Our first smile! Treagan was blowing bubbles at him! He loved them!

Precious little one!

Us with the orphanage director.

The mama is A-ok! I'm spoiled rotten already!

This boy can eat, now!


Cristi said...

hurry and bring my cousin home
miss you all

Grandma Wilma said...

Angela could probably help you out on that Diet Dr.Pepper,Remember she's the one that alway takes grocery sacks full of goodies to slumber parties. More GREAT news; Larry called Bill today--out of hospital--no trace of cancer--Another answered prayer!!!

Lisa said...

I'm lovin' that gorgeous smile!!! Did I mention you can bring him home now? Love Ya, Lisa

Shawna Dobbs said...

Precious. Glad you found KFC and pizza! There is a Starbucks in Guangzhou and more American food. He looks very happy!
I am glad it is going so well.

j4lingnau said...

I am loving these pictures keep sending more. Praise God for all his answered prayers! Thanks to all of you for being such a faithful example of listening to God and being obedient to what He calls you to do. This is truly an experience of a lifetime!!

I will work on that Dr. Pepper but I wasn't invited to this slumber party so I am not prepared with my goodies. I will have a chilled one waiting at the airport for you though. (although hopefully you will have had one by then)

Merry Christmas to you all!! We love you. What a blessing to share the Christmas story with Toryn for the first time. Angela and the family

Sharon said...

He looks happy already! What a beautiful boy. Does he have food in his palate? That is usually where the wicked breath comes from. Merry Christmas Toryn and his family!