Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 28th

This is the view from our hotel window in Guangzhou. It is an apartment building. The entire time we have been in China, we have not seen one house. They cannot have houses because there is no room to build them. They all live in apartments. We are staying in a five star hotel and right next door is a run down apartment building. We are so blessed in America. If you look closely, you can see their clothing hanging out to dry. We have also seen many hanging out their supper- mostly dead, skinned chickens, and RATS!!!! UUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Disgusting! Thank you Lord for all of our blessings!

Toryn and Tessa playing patty cake on the bus.

They took us to a tea house. In China, drinking tea is a very big deal. They prefer hot tea over coffee, sodas, and even DIET DR. PEPPERS! Can you imagine? They go to a lot of trouble preparing their tea. They use tea leaves instead of tea bags, and there is several different steps to it. Here we are at the tea house.

This kid loves anything you give him to eat or drink! He liked his hot tea.

Treagan and Tessa on the other hand was not real fond of it, but they did well faking it! We certainly didn't want to be disrespectful and make faces!

This is the lady that prepared our tea. Here is Termite and some of the others in our group. She made us about five different kinds of teas. Most of them were good, but there was one that was REALLY bitter, so when she wasn't looking we all poured it down the drain real quick so she wouldn't know.

Here she looks like she is praying that we like the tea!

Lots of work going into preparing this tea.

The driving in China is unbelievable. It's worse than any rollercostar you can imagine. I am surprised we haven't seen more wrecks than we have. Everyone honks all the time. You could pick the person's nose in the car next to you if you wanted, because they are so close. I am not kidding! Here Treagan and Jay McNelly are riding the bus with the crazy traffic. Jay and his family are from Tennessee.

They also took us to a Folk Museum. It was pretty neat and interesting. Here we are in front of a beautiful flower garden outside of the museum. Very pretty flowers and greenery here in Guangzhou.

This shrub was pruned in the shape of a bear. (I guess it was a bear.)

This car was all decorated for a wedding. The lady got out and was yelling something in Chinese to the man driving. I guess their off to a rough start.

A statue of the emperor and his horse.

We are in one of the courtyards at the folk museum.

Chris from Tennessee was trying to play a song on this bamboo flute.

A figurine of their god, Buddha. It makes me sad to see these. I'm so glad we serve the true living God!

What a life! Just hanging out in the carrier all morning while Mom totes me around!

This is precious Hope. She was adopted by a sweet family. Please pray for Hope. She has really had a hard time adjusting to her daddy. She screams and cries everytime he comes into the room. Time will make it all better, but Allen is really having a hard time being rejected.

My new friend, Kathy (Hope's mom).

Linekar, Amy, and their daughter. (Our guides)

This man was painting these beautiful painting with the bottom of his hand only. It was remarkable.

In the entrance of the museum, there are two huge doors. On the doors, years ago, they painted these gigantic pictures of their guards. They believe that these paintings will keep out the ghosts and evil spirits.

Their buildings are so beautiful and the paintings and sculptures on them are unbelievable.

The Folk Museum


Grandma Wilma said...

Re:Your email request list. Sorry, I was unable to make it out. It came thru written in Chinese! Let me "think about it".

Cristi said...

We studied about the building in my art history class...It is so neat that you got to see that...

Lockharts said...

It has been truly amazing to get to see pictures of all of this! Thanks for sharing them with everyone. I can't wait to see ya'll. I know that this trip is something you will never forget! See ya'll in a few days! Yes, I said days!!!