Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday, Dec. 27th

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a nice day, but it would have been better at home with family. They have really kept us busy the last two days. Of course, like I already mentioned, we spent most of yesterday (Fri.) traveling to Guangzhou. Today (Sat.) we went to do the babies physical exams in the morning. This exam is strictly done so they can apply for their visas. It was pretty much a joke of an exam. Toryn did not like them weighing him and checking him out in any way. He not only cried, he kicked and screamed like crazy. It kind of made me feel good though, because when the nurses took him from me, he really went crazy and kept reaching for me. He weighs 27 pounds and is 35 inches long. He is tall for his age, but he is a string bean. Termite calls him Slim, and it definitely fits. I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed this precious little boy. He is the funniest little guy ever. He has the best personality. He can make some of the cutest facial expressions. We are so blessed. He smiles and laughs all the time. He is a character, and he is already spoiled rotten.

After the exams, we stopped at a store to stock up on water and baby supplies. We didn't really do anything much this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow we will do some site seeing and shopping. Oh, no, that means Tessa will get to go shopping. We will be there a while! The girl takes forever shopping! We will go down to Shamian Island to shop. There is suppose to be some good shopping there. Sounds like fun. We will have to rent a stroller. Mr. Toryn will not let anyone carry him but me, so my back tires easily.

I want to thank you all again for your many prayers. We can still feel them. Please continue, Toryn is doing great! I hope he will let Termite and Treagan hold and carry him tomorrow. Each day is better, he starts to feel more and more relaxed with them. We also thank you for your emails and comments. They make our day! Helps us to not get so homesick!

We sure do love and miss you all,
Traci, Termite, Treagan, Tessa, & Toryn

Look what I found in the store today! I was so excited! You know by now how I love my diet Dr. P's. I couldn't wait to get it chilled and guzzle it down. I couldn't believe it- when I opened it, it was so disgusting! Things don't taste the same in China. I was sad!

This huge Christmas tree is in the lobby of our hotel in Guangzhou. It's really pretty. I'm so glad that we have been able to enjoy Christmas decorations.

Tessa and her cute little brother, Toryn

This sign cracked me up! Here we are in the room full of screaming babies who did not like being weighed, checked, and all with a sign that says keep quiet. Yeah, right!

Toryn was ok as long as he was safe in Mom's lap.

The nurse checks his ears. Like I said, this was a joke of an exam. To check their hearing, they use a toy piano. If the child turns towards it as they play it, they assume they can hear. Yeah, Toryn passed! Duh, I could have told them that!

He did NOT want to be weighed! He kicked and screamed like crazy.

We are waiting for our turn to get all checked out.

For three plus years, I have read other journeys and seen a picture of this sign. I had to have one of my very own. It still seems like a dream that we are truly in China getting our little guy that God so perfectly matched with our family. It is neat to see how all the children and parents in our group just seem so perfect for each other. It's because we serve an awesome God who is perfect in everyway.


Cristi said...

Me and the kids are back home. We had a great time at Jimmy's. Taylor is really getting into reading everything that you had wrote about. He is really excited to see Toryn. Payton got her some cowboy boots with her money from Christmas...I wonder how many times she will wear those???
I would like to know what size Toryn is? I am going shopping and would like to buy him something...Shoe size tooooo...Love Ya and see ya soon.

Lockharts said...

He is sooo precious! We can't wait to meet him. We are enjoying reading your posts everyday. Love all the pictures! We are praying for all of you to get home safely.

Lisa said...

It has felt like a dream to see pictures of you all there. I can only imagine how surreal it must be for you! Please keep taking good notes...especially about the SHOPPING!!!! The fact that Toryn wants only you sounds like a great step in the bonding process. He knows he is loved and that you will care for him!! Not much longer and you'll not only make your little man an'll make him TEXAN!!! Apparently he already has a cowboy name!!! See ya soon!!