Monday, December 29, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that for some reason I am having trouble accessing my email. Sheila, I am dying to know how Corbin's surgery went. I will keep trying it, but if I don't respond, that's why.
Love to all,


Grandma Wilma said...

At last! This day has come. You will be home tonight. The postings and pictures thru-out your journey have been great..(tears and laughter)And, another reminder that how blessed I am to have the GREATEST DAUGHTERS, SON-IN-LAWS AND GRANDCHILDEN in the world!!! Love you all, Mom

vickie said...

Hello Kendricks-I am sure once you check these latest blogs you will be on home ground and fully rested (lol)--I just had to say thank you for sharing your journey with all of us-I soooo enjoyed all the pics. And Traci I have so enjoyed your journaling your story-you write beautifully. I am praying for lots of peace and rest for your family as well as continued bonding and adapting that will continue. Love yall lots vickie

PS-I love Your Mom--she is great.
She is so funny, loving, supportive (?)-unless it has to do w/diet dr pepper (lol) and I can feel the love she has for all of you and her anticipation for Toryn. You are truly blessed.

Burke said...

Hey guys,

Dad shared your blog address with us a week or so ago and I have read every entry. What an incredible journey! I have enjoyed reading it. We look forward to meeting Toryn soon and learning more of the work God is doing in your lives.


Hayes adventures said...

Hey Ya'll, greetings from the Hayes family and a big BOOYAH to you!!! We miss you guys! Glad to know that you got home safely and that Toryn is doing great! Abby is too! We are so thankful to God that we met you guys and have made lifelong friends with all of you! Keep in touch! Love ya!