Monday, December 29, 2008

Mon. 29th-

Didn't do a whole lot today. This morning we had to stay in our room so that we could answer the phone if needed. Our guides took all of our paperwork to the US consulate office. If they had a question on any of the paperwork, they would have called. We did not get a call! One step closer. Tomorrow, we go to the office and have to be interviewed by the consulate. It's pretty easy, they just ask you if you want to keep this child and if we promise to not hurt or abandoned him. I think we should pass!

In the afternoon, we did our shopping. It's a really neat area to shop. Reminds us of all the little shops at Ruidoso, Mom. We found some cool things. We will have to go back tomorrow because we had this one little shop paint the kids names in Chinese, so we'll have to go pick them up.

We are excited that we just have one more day here. It has been fun, but we are really homesick. Can't wait to see everyone. We will be in on Wed. Dec. 31st. We will arrive in Midland at 8:30 PM on the 31st.

The city of Guangzhou

Just a picture of some run down buildings. There is lots of construction and building going on all over. Of course, they have to build up, no room for any other way.

We went shopping today to Shamian Island. There was a little park with lots of statues in it.

There was a cool little pond with gold fish at the park. The kids were showing Toryn the goldfish.

The kids were playing hopscotch with the statues. Wonder who won?

Hmmm, a little confused about his American eating utensils? Doesn't everyone eat their grilled cheese sandwich with a fork?

We found Lucy's Restaurant at Shamian Island. Lots of American food! Very good, too!

Toryn is finally letting Termite help him a little. Still not real happy when he holds him, but it is getting better!

Treagan found a smokin' hot girlfriend!

I'm speechless on this one! Goofy guys! Toryn wouldn't put his hat on. Can't say I blame him, I wouldn't want to look like these goobers either!

Kung Fu Termite- aka Meloveyoulongtime!

I told you the traffic is crazy! Here's about 4 lanes of traffic all trying to merge into one lane.

Bet you can't guess who bought him this camo hat!

I'm all American Boy now in my overalls!

I have lots of help posting on my blog these days! That's why it takes me forever!

This boy loves his baths!


Grandma Wilma said...

It gets better every day! Glad that Treagan has found so many really cute girl friends.
Countdown in progress! Love ya all,

Karen said...

Wow again Traci, I cant wait to read the blog every day. Terry even has to check it out he has to play catch up since he is on the truck. Termite I love the hats both of them are you. Be Safe ya'll
Love Karen & the Guys

Lisa said...

It's so great to see you guys there and enjoying it all! I can only imagine how homesick you are but oh, how awesome it must all be!!! See you soon!!! Love Y'all!!!

Cristi said...

I pictured Treagan with someone like that...At least she wouldn't ever talk back...I have to agree with mom it is getting better every day...He looks really happy, I guess you where right about everything...And I am glad the food thing is going really well...You know I was worried about that...

Gramma Sandy said...

We love Termite's "Patty Daddy" hat, as Rik calls it. I'm sure that term is from a different region, but everyone looks so happy! We miss ya'll too and can't wait to see you on Wed eve.
Treagan, I haven't seen you with "this" girl before, are you keeping her a BIG secret? Love ya'll- God Bless
Gramma Sandy

j4lingnau said...

Yea~! I see Treagan carrying Toryn in a photo and nice girl, Treagan!!! I am so excited, I just can hardly wait to see you!!! angela

Lockharts said...

Love the hats Termite. Jack said the pointed one fits your head! HA! Can't wait to see ya'll. Yeah Treagan was carrying Toryn! You're next Termite! Love ya'll.