Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday's Happenings

Today was a free day. Some families chose to do a tour of a poor village, but we decided to just hang out at the hotel and rest up for the busy touring on Sat. & Sun. We did walk to the Carefore store- which is their Walmart. That was an experience in itself. We definitely stuck out like a sore thumb, but we were kinda treated like royality or something. They moved us up to the front of the line. Sweet.

This afternoon, the kids and I went and got a massage downstairs at the hotel. It was wonderful! We were ready for a nap afterwards.

This evening, we ate at a chinese restaurant with another America World (AWAA) family. The food was not bad. Tessa and Treagan tried the fried pigeon. They said it wasn't bad, just kind of greasy. Termite and I wasn't that brave. It was served with the head connected, too. YUCK!!!! Our favorite was the ice cream afterwards. We think we like it better than the store bought kind at home. It was like homemade ice cream.

Didn't do much today, so kind of boring post. Tomorrow (Sat.) we will tour the Forbidden City, Tianennman Square, and Summer Palace. Sherry, our guide said it was going to be really cold. Glad we brought lots of layers! Will post tomorrow night when we return. Some of the families are having trouble posting to their blogs, so remember if I don't post, it's because we can't get connected, but I will keep trying.

Have a blessed day,
Traci & gang

Pringles in China are in crazy flavors like Hot & Spicey, Tomato (Tessa's favorite- NOT!!), and Salt & Pepper flavor. We tried the Salt & Pepper flavor- not too bad.

Their Walmart, called Carefore, had a fresh seafood market.

It was very crowded in the store, worse than Christmas Eve at our Walmart.

Crest TP in China- Yeah!

The front of their Walmart, called Carefore. It was weird to see many of the items we buy, but in Chinese writing. It was definitely interesting. When we checked out, the people moved us to the front of the line like we were somebody special.

Recognize these?

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Shawna Dobbs said...

Glad you all are settling in. The stores are always that crowded- it is wild.
Have fun and bundle up. You all are in our prayers.