Thursday, December 18, 2008

God blesses us with new friends!

This is Sharon, my new friend. Back in Sept., when we were praying about maybe checking into the special needs program, God used Sharon to convict our hearts to place our names on the special needs list. Sharon and her hubby were logged in with their paperwork around the same time we were. (2/07) Sharon shared their story with me, and I was convinced that we should do special needs. Sharon and Mark actually switched to the SN program before we did, and they brought their little jewel home last April. Since then, we have been email/blogger buddies. On Tues. night, after we landed in Dallas, they met us for dinner. We had a great time and I was so excited to finally meet Sharon face to face.

Sharon, Mark, and Hudson
I hope next time we can meet their three other kids!

Hudson is a little cutie pie! He has the cutest personality. He is just precious.

He is also a little ham! He makes these facial expressions that are just priceless! He had big fun playing and making faces at Termite.

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